- Mr. Laz


Laszlo Szoecs was born in Gheorgheni/Transilvania in 1976. After his parents moved with him to Munich/Germany in 1980 he got exposed to the world of disco music and the early 80ies sound. Artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Depeche Mode and many others caught his attention at a very young age. At a teenager at the time when EBM and Acid House hit the dance floors he knew for sure that he found his passion to electronic music. Alike Arj Snoek he started producing his first tracks on the legendary Amiga 500 home computer at an age of 12. A couple years later in 1992 he then founded with two other musicians the Subsoil Studios in Munich/Germany and started live performing all over South Germany. 1995 he got finally behind the decks and was rocking the dance floors since that time. The name Mr. Laz aka LAZ stands for euphoric and powerful dance floor- music. His sound spectrum ranges from deep- minimal House to impulsive Techno. After producing and being behind t he decks for many years he finally decided to run his own label DASH DEEP RECORDS which he founded in 2011 in Vancouver/Canada with the main focus on deep and minimal tunes but basically everything what moves the body and soul.