- Sante


Santé, hailing from Berlin, is part of a new school of artistschampioning musicality, skilfulness and creativity overmindless loops and endless repetition. His productions, likethose on his record label AVOTRE, ooze character,charisma & humour, feelings so often overlooked in therealms of house music.Plans for the future include his long-awaited debut artistalbum, out in October 2014, which he promises will be moreof a song-based affair than a straight-up collection ofdancefloor grooves (“to show a few more skills”), andfurther developing his AVOTRE brand, to include a clothingline which will go hand in hand with the releases. With analbum tour to look forward to, which will take him to all fourcorners of the world, the upward momentum that hascharacterised Santé’s career so far shows no sign ofslowing down.