- Mangelt


Mangelt is a Spanish artist specializing in electronic music, DJ and producer of international renown also owner at Plastic Garden Records, Dekomatic Records and Kick Point Records. At the age of 17, he started his music career working as a DJ, although this interest in music began since he was a child. Due to his curious and creative nature, he wanted to go ahead and take part more directly in the electronic music scene. By chance, at the age of 19 a Roland TR 808 fell into his hands and he started producing his own tracks. Since then, he has been working in several labels, many of them of international importance, Besides, he has remixed, collaborated and compilated with acclaimed artist. About Mangelt's work, it is worth highlighting his passion when producing or playing music. Music is Mangelt's life force and it is easily perceptible in every piece of his work. Mangelt's sounds are not produced by chance or improvisation. His public is usually hypnotized listening to his rhythmic and melodic sets as a result of experiments and researches in music psychology for years. In other words, Mangelt's music is a perfect and equilibrated combination between passion and technique. Nowadays, Mangelt is working in several projects together with acclaimed artists and also in his new label launch, Kick Point Records