- Dualitik


Mac Deey and Diego Varea founded Dualitik on 2 May 2009 when t he club Florida 135 hired t hem t hrough the group (label) Playground (Barcelona). Their progress has lead them to perform at prestigious clubs in Spain with powerful and fun electronic sessions showcasing all kinds of DJ skills.Dualitik sessions make people feel something new and different, no matter where they go. Dualitik’s energetic and rhythmic productions are at the most prestigious on-line music shops.Currently, Dualitik is working with different labels like: 1605 Music Therapy, Binary404, Italo Business, Miniatures records, Frequenza records,Truth Tracks, Ibz recordings, Dogma records, Nuuktal Records, Sabotage Records, Voodoo Records, Sonotech Records, Uniform Inflow, Sunrrise Records, Symbolik Records, Sex panda....including remixes of artists such as Angy Kore, Anthony Castaldo, Simone De Caro, Ben Lb, Gymmy J, Raul Mezcolanza, Daniele Crozenci, Nick & Danny Chatelain, Loisan, Microcheep & Mollo, Mcj ....They are involved in a new project, "Union Label", involving the most prestigious record labels and techno artists of the moment.