- Ian Kita


Jan Zelinger got to know mixing technique on gramophone late year 1998. As Dj Kita he started to play in clubs and events (HradHouse, Citadela, Summer of Love) from 1998. Not only in Czech Republic but also in Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Luxembourg. He was guest on radio Jih, Kiss Publikum and Fajn radio. He dedicate to his own production in 2001. His rst composition was published in 2003. The title was Volkom with Samopal Records label. He enters into booking agency Strobe in May 2004. His rst solo album was published in 2001 with Naked Records under title I Have To Say EP. At present day he is mostly playing Tech House, Techno but also Deep House. He is resident of DjLab club and 100% Tech House party. He plays, produce and publish under pseudonym Ian Kita.