- Nelman


Nelman is a hungarian semi-underground producer who started his musical career as a mid of the 90's. He played mainly techno and hard trance in the clubs week to week. He received his first synthesizer in his childhood and practiced a lot on it. Later he tired of playing others' tunes and began to create his own's. In 1996 he completed the first records and since then made an abundance of them. He wonted to show the new tracks to his club-audiences to get feedbacks about. He ended the club life in 2001 and turn to his attention only to production and plyaing his set on many radio channels. His intense focus has led to a massive library of quality material. His diverse style is genre defying and skips from trance to techno to progressive effortlessly and his talent reminiscent of the likes of Oliver Lieb and M.I.K.E.