- Chris Chambers


Ch(a)rismatic dj/producer born in summer 1987 is worldwide supported by various genre artists likeOakenfold,Emery,Varela,Capriati,Markantonio,Luciano,Sherryetc..From 2011 till 2014 he reached multiple 1st places onBeatport,Juno and TrackItDown and appeared on so manychartsthat proved he become one of the main act of hardgroovetechno scene.After successful 4 years in hardgroove,in the end of 2014he slowed his tempo down in the range of 125 to 132,butkept the mixing skills and distinctive rocking beat thatdifferse him from others.Chris is also known as Jericho Knox where he focus therest of his artistic energyas he slowly but surely collect the rest of the world'ssupport.