- Darkmode


Darkmode first started producing music back in 1998 with his debut EP ‘Fish on Bricks’. Having made a name for himself in the Techno scene in Newcastle, Darkmode’s raw techno and darkwave electro grabbed the attention of the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Keith Tenniswood, Regis, DJ Bone and Jason Leach (Subhead) after his initial release ‘The DATA EP’ on Suibom Serum’s label ‘Testin Out Records’.The release gained great reviews in DJ MAG, M8 Magazine & on littledetroit.net & was on the top 10 play lists of Shelly Parker, DP- 6 & it was charted & played by Ben Sims on his Split radio show. It also ended up on the Electro best sellers chart on Juno Download when it eventually got a digital release in Aug 2007.Darkmode is rapidly gaining a name for himself as a producer, DJ & Live Artist as he was top pick in DJ MAG’s Pick N’ Mix in 2006 & he was runner up in IDJ’s Raw T alent in March 2007 & December 2009. Some of his material has been getting heavy support from Chris Fink, Jon Rundell, Submerge101, Shelly Parker, Justin Robinson, Ritchie Hawtin, Jim Masters, Paul Mac & Laurent Garnier.He signed to Submerge 101's label Impact Mechanics back in Oct 2007 & appeared on a release with other artists called the Kung Fu EP. The release had gotten so much attention and been played by big acts such as Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Chris Finke, Judge Jules & Steve Poindexter.He has played live at a range of parties, raves and festivals across the UK including Antiworld Festival, Green Festival, Electrode (Manchester), Freaky Dancing (Newcastle), Tronic (Glasgow), S.L.U.T vs. OFF THE WALL (Birmingham), Noodle (Nottingham), PopUp (Dublin).Darkmode has had his tracks remixed by Radioactive Man, Dave T arrida, C-System, Antony Dupont & Roman ZawodnyDarkmode has supported the likes of Radioactive Man, Ben Long, Phil Kieran, Marco Bailey, Ignition Technician, Bas Mooy, Bass Junkie, DJ 3000 & Scan 7.


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