- Diego Barrera


Diego Barrera grew up listening to many genres of music but his biggest influence came from the ones that fed his soul with raw emotions.He has felt a strong attraction to electronic music since he was very young.In 2012, at the age of 13, he started DJing and producing his own tracks.In 2015, having celebrated his 16th birthday, he realized his growth as an artist. Having been bred under the watchful eye of Martin Parra as a Dj/Producer.He’s now brought his down to earth feel with the tenacity of a wildcat to the decks. Producing with people all over the world and representing his country by selling his music on international labels as KIMBO Records, Bach Music, Maintain Replay & More.At the moment he is part of Project Media in Peru, an institution dedicated to educating, developing and promoting the next generation of electronic producers in the nation. Always innovating with every track he makes, creating his own original style with influences of Techno & Tech House.He’s no greenhorn when it comes to the stage having shared it with the likes of Kaiserdisco, Donald Glaude, Shaun Reeves (Hot Creations), Italoboyz (Get Physical) to name a few.Without question Diego Barrera is one of the youngest bright new upcoming stars of Techno & Tech House. One who’s set to be around for many, many years to come.