- Aldo Gargiulo


Aldo Gargiulo (Naples, November 1994) Dj and Producer, Deep House, Tech House & Techno. At thebeginning of 2000s He moved in the province of Perugia, where at the age of 12 He began to cultivatehis passion for electronic music, listening to Minimal and 90s Techno disks. Going forward in time heis getting closer to one of his Main genres: Deep House music; He bought his first midi keyboard and Hebegan to compose his first works. After some years He started mixing his favorite pieces, but rightafter with hard work and passion He began to perform in some clubs in central Italy. After He started collaborate with some record labels, including Re-Work, Beenoise Records, Circus Night Rec, DiamondRec. He began Dj resident at the opening of the new disco LAB420, in where He still works in.