- Shaka


Since 1989, Shaka has been the pseudonym for Swiss born DJ and producer Kurt Spichiger. As a young and curious music-lover, he always was looking for and open to innovative and exceptional music. After purchasing a mixer and turntables in 1989, he started to record his first mix tapes. With his steadily growing record collection, and inspiration of films like Beat Street, he initially mixed Hip Hop with Reggae, and Funk. Later, more Acid, Chicago House and the sounds of Detroit made their way onto his mix tapes, the latter having a profound influence on his development. &rt;&rt;&rt; In the mid-1990’s Shaka began to express his own ideas of electronic music releasing his first records on the Swiss labels D3 and Axodya, and a double EP on the legendary label of Woody McBride, Communique. In year of 2000, Shaka appeared on the debut release of the groundbreaking Canadian label Revolver, and in 2004, began to release records regularly through Morris Audio, Floppy Funk, Revolver, Stattmusik, Enterbt and Mental Groove. Shaka's music is difficult to categorize, falling somewhere between jazz, funk, and house music. He is first and foremost a music-lover, and like all true music-lovers, stylistic barriers are unknown.