- Veytik


The name Veytik is the Jewish/Yiddish word for Pain.It is the most purest emotion I carry and can write.Sonically it is a dark, mysterious sound with triumphant basslines, haunting melodies and intimate drums that speaks to a certain audience from my very essence.My pain is a double-edged sword that I wield to create what I have started as Veytik that fuels the fire of my past. I had very rough times even after the military from war & PTSD as well as afterward from being homeless.The mask is spawned originally from a favourite musical of mine the Phantom of the Opera. Not the same one but similar. Similar the I can relate to the character that was the phantom himself. And in my own concept, the mask is something we all hide behind. The mask that protects us from the ‘social contract’ of society saying what is & is not acceptable.People like myself, live in a society where medication, therapy & mental/physical disorders like myself who are called “different” or "defective". I wear this to stand out for those who have condition like me that they may or may not be ashamed of that inhibits them to grow. And through the music & my image, help destroy these barriers by making them a topic in music besides just the happy parts of life.It took me a long time to find myself over the past few years but as Socrates himself said, To find yourself, think for yourself.