ETANE is an experimental project of a producer, musician and composer Evgeniy Tanaisov. He has been a resident of cult shelters of electronic music of Saint Petersbur, and years of DJing there influenced his artistic vision greatly. A tremendous place in his creative background takes the time of work and mentorship with a legendary composer Richard Teitelbaum and Matt Sargent. It is seen in ETANE’s attention to recursiveness and outdoor listening.ETANE’s debut EP shows a great distance from his experience of a DJ though. It is far more experimental and shows his artistic view and potential a great deal deeper. He creates new dimensions of expressiveness, so that it’s hard to attribute his music to a particular genre - with each track he’s on the edge of a whole variety of genres and styles. What a listener can be certain about is how profoundly and sophisticatedly these tracks show all their verges.