- Denis Dezuz


Denis Dezuz is a musical producer and composer, who easily breaks cliches. The live performance using drum machines and various sound synthesizers proves that a stylish and high-quality sound can attract and interest a wide audience. 2018, Denis Dezuz is working on the implementation of his album. A new show, a different attractive sound will not leave anyone indifferent. Creativity is a musical autobiography that inspires and focuses on freethinking beyond bounds, limits and conventions. It is a junction of such genres as deep, techno, electronic, trip-hop. One of the characteristic features of his performance is a unique sound design, detailing the sound in the trend of tomorrow. Denis Dezuz has boldly been ahead of his time, creativity sounds in tune with the times, even after 15 years, and the world's leading labels (Society Music, LDN Trax, 7th Cloud, Rebellious, Stell Recordings, Beatamin Recordings, etc.) have been choosing it up to now.