- Daniil Waigelman


Daniil, more known as DANIIL WAIGELMAN, is a Russian electronic musician. He began his musical career at the age of 13, playing keyboards. His delicate feel to the sound has formed under the in uence of his friends and parties where he has worked. During 11 years of writing music he was published on many labels under different names, eventually coming to the only pseudonym " DANIIL WAIGELMAN". With each track Daniil manages not to stay in one place, changing his sound and conducting experiments. Staying in the usual comfort zone is worth some effort, but Daniil works in the opposite direction: transforming the sound, he gives the electronic product with either soft or aggressive techno-sound. The music by Waigelman is very similar to architectural composition, say, in the postmodern era: a pile of items gathered from different genres and then successfully built with each other: input design, the geometric features and determination of elements, causing a feeling of extraterrestrial calculation and a clear perfection of the forms.