- Mozaiek


Stijn Huijsmans (aka Mozaiek) is DJ/Producer from The Netherlands. He started making music when he was 12 years old. With simple sample creator software he began to create his own loops and tracks. After a while he wanted to work with more control and creativity in the music software he was using. The change of software made things way more interesting for him. At first he was producing electronic hip-hop beats (for the local rap scene) and chill-out tracks. His love for electronic sounds and electronic parties inspired him to make danceable electronic music. Eventually when he was 17, he started going to Techno parties. He fell in love with Techno music and started to create his own Techno tracks. Besides from techno, Mozaiek is also producing deep house, minimal and chill-out tracks. His love for deep sounds, melancholic melodies and deep bass lines delivers a combination of wicked, druggy and looney sounds that will work your feet and mind.


Seychellen Chillout Lounge Music - 200 Songs
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Sa Trincha Recordings | 2015-03-06
Best Chillout & Lounge Music 2015 - 200 Songs
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Ibiza Lounge Records | 2015-03-02