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 - Anton Ishutin


Top DJ and producer Anton Ishutin is singlehandedly changing the face of dance and house music. First he rose to fame in his native Russia, but 2012 has seen him spread his wings and take his sound to the masses all over the world. Anton quickly became conquer the world of electronic music, receiving support from famous producers such as Kolombo, Alex Niggemann, M.A.N.D.Y, Moonbeam, Сlaes Rosen, Amine Adge, Vanilla Ace His masterpiece «Deeply In My Soul» was released in compilation Croatia the Opening 2013 of prestigious Swiss label Enormous Tunes together with works of DINKA, Chris Reece, EDX,Leventina, Nora En Pure, Ross Couch, Stan Kolev and many more. Famous duo Crazibiza have invited Anton to write an official remix for their upcoming EP with incredible Сhris Willis (David Guetta, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso vocalist) Clubbers around the world enjoy his sets and unique style whether in the USA and Italy or Russia and Germany. And if you want to catch sneaky tasters of what he's working on, as well as just getting a dose of pure house-deep-tech-stuff of Ishutin magic, then checking his Soundcloud is a good idea. In EDM, variety is what keeps things interesting, and with his wide-ranging tastes and ability to distill these influences into his own unique productions, Anton proves he's no one-trick-pony.


Buddha-Bar, The Ultimate Experience
Troels Hammer, Buddhattitude, Lena Kaufman, Jasmon, Unnati, Stan Kolev, Steve Edwards, Carl Fath, Arno Elias, Steen Thottrup, Julie Harrington, AyOwA, Ganga, Midival Punditz, Riccardo Eberspacher, Vanessa Daou, Borneland, Professor Oz, Soulavenue, Sigh, Ambray, Özlem Taner, Daniel Masson, Le Mirage Du Maghreb, Eccodek, Amanaska, Cantoma, Ruf Dug, Liberdade, Chris Coco, Dalholt & Langklide, Mashti, Freedom, DJ Pippi, Kenneth Bager, Deva Premal, Miten With Manose, Jacob Gurevitsch, Boral Kibil, CTM, Kid Moxie, Derrok & Vruno, MHE, Lars H.U.G, Jacob Groening, Tiana, Anton Ishutin, Sasha Loona, Afrolicious, Didula, M.H. Project, Carlos Campos, Ravin, Consoul Trainin, Pink Noisy, in.deed, Floral, King Raam, Ambala, Antoine, Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, Marga Sol, Marie Therese, Taste of Dream, Edgar Asmaryan, Waldeck, Brass, Zoe, Dreamers In, Christos Fourkis, Nacho Sotomayor, Miss B Haven, Roni Iron, Il Santo, Billy Esteban, Serdar Ayyildiz, Dreamers inc, DJ Volkan Uca, Vanotek, Kled Mone, Les Au Revoir, Parov Stelar, Angela McCluskey, Miguel Lara, Ibitaly, Belonoga, Anthya, Armen Miran, Constantijn Lange, Baklava, HP Höger, Matan Caspi, Paji, Zac F, Thy Moy, Bjarno, Maido Project, Nikko Sunset, Stereo Express, Beebar, Sergio T, Dubfaze, Dim Gerrard, Anthony El Mejor, DJ Nil, Yuji Ono, Diego Palacio, Dino MFU, Alkis Zopoglou, Constantin, DAVI, Saint Tropez Caps, Laera, Tigran, Alfida, Downtown, Thor, Chris Coco, EarthRise SoundSystem, Rosa Lux, Mira, Christopher Schwarzwalder, Second Sky, Thomas Blondet, Gorgon City, Dreamers inc, Oliver Petkovski, H@k
George V Records | 2017-01-27