- Burak Cilt


Burak Was born in izmir 1988.He started to interest in electronic music when he was young.His career as producer and dj started on music world started in 2010.His rst electronic music single record was ‘’Must Be Feeling’ and labelled by Sheeva Records Miami in 2012.Later different single albums records of him released On different music markets.One of his life’s milestone was on April 2017,it’s chiller time (Soundclash 2017)which is a World wide Dj Competition.He took the place of top best 10 Dj’s list and he proved his Dj skill as he as a great producer talent on his another hand.He always follows the developments of digital music World’s new sounds,productions ,singles and albums.Burak Cilt is producting Deep House,House,Pop,Dance genre sounds as he can play amazing sounds as a Dj.His Podcast series which are released as ‘’Mysterious Journey’ on PowerFm reached to a lot of people all around the World.They are all can be listed on PowerFm PowerApp,Burak Cilt’s list.