- Harri Agnel


Harris started very young his contribution to music industry as he had a very special connection with this art, the art of music. Walked his first steps in 1997 as a self-taught trying to enter the electronic music industry revealing his own music id. Two years later in 1999 signed his first professional contract with “Digital Underground” in distribution from “Sony Music” starting his recording path at the age of only 16. During the first 2 years had managed to succeed great partnerships with great names of electronic scene having been accepted for his talent and his abilities in music production. He also succeeded to be the Main Guest of historical Athens clubs such as the Lobby, Loft, U-matic, and also playing in over 150 events in Greece between 1999-2004 with an audience most of the times more than 1000-1500 persons. This part of his life and music was all about Uplifting & Psychedelic scene as long this scene was alive in Greece, and that goes up to the end of 2004. The first circle of his career was already over and along with the experience had already gained all those years , started experimenting in new ideas still in his head following a much different electronic music path that suit him better and continuous till today. In 2007 he gave the name to his new project he created and that is ‘’Harri Agnel’’. One year later there came a proposition from No1 DJ of Turkey, “DJ Tarkan” and one of the TOP100 worldwide according to official DJ Mag. This proposition was more than he could expected so he gave the best of him in order the new career, the new stigma, the new id to be clear in public. He did very well as 4 of the 5 tracks of the EP in 2008 were TOP100 of sales in Beatport competing with major artists of the time being. Also the critics for the album were very positive and enthusiastic with the tops the mentor of electronic music “Nick Warren” congratulating him for the great piece of art he had created...