- Deep Active Sound


Deep Active Sound is a Russian project of the sound producer Mihail Bessmertniy. The first release was in 2009 on the label Newborn Records. After that, Deep House sound becomes a mainstream. Year by year, increasing experience in production of music, he began to work with a major record labels such as: Loco Records, Seta Label, DeepClass Records, Ready Mix Records, Disclosure Project Recordings and UM Records. Thus offering a different sound from melodic and atmospheric to a more rhythmic and dance. Since 2011 he plays as a DJ, gets active support from artists such as: Bruno From Ibiza, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Giom, Solomun, Lukas Greenberg, Fer Ferrari, Deep Spelle, Evren Ulusoy, Big Al and many others, as well as various radio shows.