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Daniel cubillos A.K.A ERASELAND: Colombian by birth, began in the world of electronic music in 2006 attending local festivals, arousing his interest in this genre and learning it. In 2008 he travels to Spain where he dedicates himself to perfecting his technique in free time, playing in bars in the city and at parties with his friends; In 2012 he returns to Colombia where he focuses completely on this environment, promoting the culture in his city of residence, and participating in parties, organizing and promoting some events.In the years 2015 he joined FamilY HousE. Collective that dedicates to promote HOUSE music in the city of Pereira, becoming a resident of one of the most exclusive clubs of the city (Red Room Club) participating in parties of the most important groups in the coffee axis (Dynamic Music, Mood 57, Get Busy and Family house) and also taking part in new proposals, such as the festival "Between the trees" (Pereira) and "Man in flames" (Carthage) and other events scheduled in different cities of the country .His style is influenced by an original mix between House and Tech house and by the synthetic sounds of techno, dub, jazz and funky harmonies accompanied by a strong and danceable groove that make his set a very interesting and pleasant proposal.