- Dinamica


Dinamica is a trio from the northern capital of Russia. Constant gray sky and cheerless climate influenced the musical predilections of musicians. Progressive is the main style in tracks. First single was released on Carica records (Russia) in 2010, it was "Dead Water Drops", it was supported by russian producer Denis A. Then several successful singles & remixes released on Garage Sound System records (Moscow) & Substreem records (Sweden). First album was released on Green Snake Records. It was Absolute Infinity. In 2013 group released only one single on Green Snake, with two remixes from label owners Alexey Samotarev, who is the director of Green Snake & Tip D'oris, who is the director of Fluro label. Now Vitaliy with talented dj Massimo (Maxim Rusakov)/Maxime with the support of Ivan Ilyashenko open label Music Hall Sound Space which will be produced the most interesting music