- Darien J


Darien J, based in London UK, is a producer, maker andmixer of deep dance music.Darien's innate passion for music started early at 12; beingunofficially, but undeniably responsible for the all-importantmix tape for the Friday Stockton-On-Tees after-schoolgathering. He quickly realised the unadulterated personalpleasure derived from seeing others light up and bond as aresult of sounds he'd selected. This desire to helporchestrate togetherness and pure joy on a dance floor hasonly strengthened and is what drives him today.From these early days, DJing has featured heavily inDarien's life. In 1994 he moved to London which is, in hiswords, 'the epicentre of the world's most innovative andinfluential dance music'.Inspired by legends like Sasha, Danny Rampling andLaurent Garnier, Darien began to develop a trademarksound, sharing this with the crowds at many of London'siconic clubs including Turnmills and The Egg through thenaughties. His growing love of a particular style led him tostart creating his own music, with his first release in 2008.Darien J's sound is distinctive; at its core deep bass butfused with acid house, deep minimal and melodic technocombining to create an infectious groove.