- Paul Mac


After following the familiar UK path of Electro/Hip Hop/Acid House/Techno it has now been 25 years since Paul Mac started dj’ing and he has been producing for nearly 18 having recorded for over 50 labels including Blueprint, Theory , Ingoma, Beardman and Kanzleramt to name only a few and with nearly 140 release’s to his name its probably fair to call him a veteran of the scene.After over 20 years of playing with records Paul has now made the jump to Ableton this has opened a lot of new doors musically and has reinvigorated his passion for the music.As well as his normal solo performances the future will see more performances with; Ben Sims as they finally bring the K.B Productions sound out of the studio and into the clubs.Also the newly formed Fokus Group project also with Mr Sims which will be aiming more for a bang up to date s ound.Forthcoming this year see's Stimulus return Vinyl plus Sula Muse making a much promised return and it's debut on vinyl. Perhaps biggest for 2013 is the launch of Tactical an all new label that will focusing on a slightly new direction of club Techno with of course an eye on the past as always.