- Deepologic


Hello everybody,I'm Ján Kolčák, maybe you know me as Deepologic or astroman22. I like art as well as everything related. I like making photos; create in graphic programmes and listen to the various music genres.I attend DJing, lately I like to create my own music. I see the big Potenial of selfexpression in music, just like in Photography and Graphics. I discover the part of me in my projects, sharing it with a whole world.Photography&graphics:most of all I like macro and abstraction, in graphics I dedicate to web design and various graphic elements.DJing&production:- I can relax with producing new music mixes, it helps me in everyday stress which surrounds us these days. It's like my meditation, the filter that cleans my head from negativeT hinking.- I'm producing/I'mixing deephouse, jazzy, soulful and afro house music.- I started producing tracks in deephouse style, enjoy experimenting with the sound, which is little bit more complicated as DJing, but the result is worth it. :)