- Rabent


RABENT aka Dj Albert Casanovas, native of Barcelona, born in October 1987. Since he was small he has been influenced by their parents in the world of music, clubs, events etc. .. It is in 2006 when Rabent became interested in the art of mixing, starting well with the more extreme side hardtechno, "schranz". Taking references artists like Joc & Spy, OBI, Torsten Kanzler...In a set period not exceeding two years, Rabent started performing in the Infinity Club and Memphis where he met his friend Miguel. In June 209 they decide to create the collective ASPHIXIA GROUP.After a successful start in the Infinity Club, Rabent decides to organize events and promote himself as an international Dj. This is when he opens his musical range and experiences other styles, carried away by soft rhythms and melodic, but without forgetting its inception. In 2010 Albert joins the Sala KGB’s team (Barcelona) becoming one of the main DJ residents of the nights in Barcelona. A few years later, he will be programming and organizing events at the KGB’s club with its Dj’s agency.In 2012 he created a second brand called "M.A.C." (Music and Art Conference), an event focused on combining art with music, specifically with one of the styles with more personality. This event will become later in one of most important local festivals about minimal, with contributions from international artists.In 2013, with Miguel, they are forced to leave the KGB in order to apply everything learned in other clubs in town and improving his style and technique.To this day Rabent, with Miquel, are the artistic directors of Asphixia record labels and Black Noise Records. They also collaborate with labels like Alakran records (Spain) and Uxoa Dutxa ( Mexico)Rabent has played at venues such as La Cova, Instinct, Row14 & Row Bar, Florida 135, KGB, Louie Vega, Voltech Party, Pacha Sitges, Blau, Social Frenz Club etc .... He has performed at festivals such as Free X-pression (Gijon), Green Fest (Belgrado) AKAB Festival (Roma).He has also performed with artists like Ben Sims, Marc Marzenit, Henry Saiz, Carlo Lio, Fatima Hajji, Josh Wink, John Digweed Joris Voorn Nicole Moudaber, Funk D'Void, Popof, Loui Cut, Avrosse, Manel Diaz, Glitter, O.B.I SNL & Nortech , Federico Grazzini , Dubfire , Sepromatiq , M.A.N.D.Y , Javi lago , Hector Engli , Frankie Effe,T he Hacker etc.....At present Rabent wants to evolve and continue to learn as a professional.