- Macsan


Macsan, Dj / Producer of the city of Manta, specialized in electronic music, with 7 years of experience in the music scene both commercial and underground. Standing out in the best raves and festivals of his city Manta, he has given way to transcending more projects that have led him on a journey without limits and with many opportunities as an artist. Macsan, influenced by his brother since childhood, has managed to educate the ear to have an orientation as a dj and then wake up the curiosity of how to make music sound like such, becoming an independent producer and then thanks to "THE CREW" (brand that supports it today) have more weight in terms of promotion and be able to seal with some brands. Macsan has excelled in the short time of five years as a producer with some national and foreign record labels. Throughout his career he has shared stages with djs and producers of national and international quality in the underground scene. He has had the opportunity to make a lot of people dance and to know how to handle an audience of up to 20 thousand people in a single session (so far). Seals:Black Hund Tief Collinstone Dirty Humans Happy Records klexos Records Insolito RecordsInfo: macsan.ec@gmail.com