- Dj Balu


Bernardino D'Auria, aka Dj Balu, born in 1980, started to participate in the Neapolitan techno scene parties in the late 90s. Guided by his passion for music, he decides to buy a console consisting of two Technics 1210 turntables and an Outline pro 405 mixer, from there he began his experience as a Dj and in 2000 he became Dj Balu. He has played in many local clubs sharing the stage with big names: Jamie Bissmire, Horacio Cruz, Lars Klein, Mike Humphries, Uto Karem, A. Paul, Anormal Boys, Vlaysin, Dj Gumja etc. In 2009 He began his evolution in the studio with the rst approaches to production: in 2012 his rst Ep was released on Catslovebass dedicating the name of the Ep to his girlfriend "Piera", the second in 2014 on the Goodstuff Recordings label "Saturday "Ep, two Various Artist Miami Winter Music Conference with" Do You Love Me "and various remixes. In 2015 a new entirely Techno project was born together with his friend Sound Engineer Giuseppe Izzo Aka Begez releasing on Dope "In Techno" EP and "Take Off" EP, while "Panic" EP on Techno Legends, "Guest Like You" on Techno District, "Austeyr" EP on Luminar Records, "Heartquake" EP on Luminar Records with Remix by Sandro Galli, in a Various Artist with "Analyz" on Kobayashi Recordings, "10- Sion" Ep Shout Records and "Move Back" on AlchimiA Record. These works have been supported by international artists, such as Pet Duo Aka Resistohr, Al Ferox, Sandro Galli. HIS GREAT LOVE REMAINS THE TECHNO OLD SCHOOL