- Black Sistem


Black Sistem , born in Salerno, southern Italy, already in the first years of life immediately fell in love with music by listening to Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Europe, etc ... It 'grew up, listening to good music and then buff all the music in adolescence 90 years old, from DIGITAL BOY, REXANTONY D.A.T.U.R.A. and many others. With the changing times, also he changed the music and began to expand his mind and bulwark, listening to great music from techno to French to German techno, passing by also from DUB STEP and DRUMM AND BASE. Continuing to evolve musically, he begins the first steps playing techno, tech house and deep ... then take over with various shades and from there opens a world opting for the sounds' dark harshest, but not always abandoning the various nuances of techno. Now BLACK SISTEM is producer & dj @ CARYPLA RECORDS- ARTERIA MUSIC LABEL - MOONKLIF RECORDS- SISMA RECORDS- SUBWOOFER RECORDS - TOXIC RECORDINGS - TECHNOLOGICAL RECORDS