- Alfonso Forte


Alfonso Forte was born on 1981 in Pompei. Since child has been attracted by electronic music, so he started to create his own . At the age of twenty he transforms his room into a sort of home studio,moving his first steps in computer music. His productions are appreciated immediately by many labels in Italy and abroad. So he decided to buy his first console starting his experience as dj in various italian clubs. In 2010 he founded with his friend Emilio Piacente a record label -SISMA RECORDS- whose object is to create a their own sound. In the same year, he has the opportunity to present his sound at the Xces-Zurich, receiving much appreciation from the audience. Then his friend and producer Peat Noise gives him the chance to perform in Hungary, at the RioDisco, receiving a great success so as to bring him back there the following year, stating further his sound. Today his music is appreciated by many international Djs that usually play his tracks.