- Roberto Corvino


Roberto Corvino, from Puglia (Italy) dj, producer and remixer. Find inspiration for making music at a young age, when he was only fifteen, he became interested in the role of DJ. With the passage of time, after a lot of work and dedication has deepened the world of production and soon began producing his tracks. by a combination of the Detroit techno music. Since then, it transforms and reinvents the sounds of unmistakable style, using the technology in its favor, which lets you create and revise the music, so as not to remain within the boundaries precise, but it is quite easy to perceive strong rootedness of the house roots with contemporary techno. He has released for some labels of artists like Gigi de Martino, DJ Skizzo and Mario più. His music is appreciated by many international artists, receiving congratulations and full support. Some of these, by inducing them to play tracks in their DJ sets (sometimes also via radio). He also carried out a project called "Fabbrica Analogica", in which the artist works with DUS, where he produced two tracks. Over time it has achieved excellent results, with the first official release of Petra Beat Records, entering the Beatport Minimal Chart, one of the most important charts musical shop longer used by DJs. Later he made his debut with a track of modular energetic sound, one of the most important labels of the scene in New York, United States "Triplepoint". Spend some time, debuting on the world scene of electronic music and in all sales channels on "Level One Records", with original tracks from the obscure style of minimal-techno, and later, releases with his first official remix, a plot full of energy. In short, it reaches another important goal, debuting on the subwoofer, favorite label on the underground world scene, as well as being followed by various international DJs for its releases. Other projects of this young talent are scheduled, always to do better, to achieve other important objectives.