- Andrea Casula


Andrea Casula is an italian eletronic music dj producer. He was born in the italian little city of Rivoli, the 8th of September 1985. He started his career as dj when he was 18, playng in the most importantclubs of Torino like La Gare, Templares, Chalet, Millionaire, Patio Club and many others.His story as a producer started in 2010 whit the release of his frist ep called “Fuori schema” released for the important italian label “ Mistika Record”. In two years has dropped more than 100 traks on digital stores, some of them published in labels like Italo Business (Dandi & Ugo’s Label), Capsula Digital and Zirben Record (Sasha Carassi’s labels), Progrezo Record (Gare Mat K’s label that includes in its artists as Phunk Investigation, Nick Olivetti, Anthony Pappa, Alex Dolbi and Schubert and Avenue Recordings (Mario Ochoa’s label).The dj sets of Andrea Casula are eccentric !!! He manages to share his passion for eletronic music on he dance oor and in the ears of thelistener whth his unique and energetic blend of dierent genres.His tracks are played and supported by djs as Umek, Roger Sanchez, Torsten Kanzler, Pleasurekraft, Reuben Keeney, Luigi Madonna, Jerry May, Joy Kitikonti, Larry Tee, Min & Mal, Kerstin Eden, Gare Mat K, Mason, The Scumfrog, Johan Dresser, Gigi De Martino, Denis Underground Mallorca Lee and manyothers.Now Andrea is working about research and sound experimentation, whit the goal of creating an underground musical situation in his city Torino.