- Dorian Parano


DoriAn ParaNo is a french DJ/Producer hailing from Paris and inspired by Techno and rave culture. Fresh and talented artist of the electro scene he is also known as THE EDGE in wich band he produced featuring Electrobugz (Heretik) the piece " Slasher " played in the biggest raves in the world. He played with famous artists like : Etienne de Crecy, Supermen Lovers, Tambours battant, Electrobugz, Dilemn, Adam Polo or still Boris Dluglosh, Maxime Dangles or Da Fresh. Today he dedicates itself to a more personal project. Approaching as well techno minimal as the Electro Hard Floor and his recent productions and remix are played by name such as Vandal, Disturbed Traxx, Electrobugz, Un:Code, Adam Polo or even Noisebulder.