- AndReew


AndReew is one of the most unique techno producer in Hungary today! His signature style are characterized by unique athmosphere, dreamy benches, and strong kick drums! Its recognizable sound has established over the years! In 2015 Dub re discover this guy,and start support him,after this nice achievments,he give a chance to release his debut EP on Sci+Tec Digital Audio! After this sucess few months ago he give new tracks to Dub re,and again give positive feedbacks! This tracks give very strong re ections in Ali's sets in the coming months! "Move on" got the most attention from the three tracks. Dub re start his set with this weapon in Studio Spaces,Cercle event and more! This sucess re ected the fact,second contract on the way to Sci+Tec! At the moment "Move On" one of the best selled track in Dub re's imprint in 2018! As a result,"Move On" included the "Sci+Tec Best Of 2018" compilation,alongside with many primary label producers,like Raul Facio,Maksim Dark,Rob Hes,David Gtronic and more! As a DJ,AndReew's sets is very unique without style limitation! Think it's worth paying attention, because there is always something unique and interesting!