- Sergey Ilayskin


Sergey Ilyaskin was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia. The first steps to writing of electronic music were made in 2005. Sergey Ilyaskin is a young and talented actor, already proved among judges of qualitative electronic music.At present the actor cooperates with such labels as Crossworld Records, Fish Records, Gate Null Records, Potobolo Records, Code 2 Records, Aremun Records, Anatolian Beats Records, Mistique Recordings, Green Snake Records, Freshportmusic Recordings and etc.The creativity of Sergey Ilyaskin is aimed at modern sounding of such styles as Tech House, Progressive House, Deep House, and Techno. Despite of an enormous quantity of capable and gifted musicians of these directions, Sergey Ilyaskin stands out with an actual sound that will always find the application. To support his compositions have responded considerable amount of actors as Andrea Frisina, Sean Random, Ron Costa, J&S Project, Luca M, Matthew Decay, Mihai Popoviciu, Carlo Lio, Hermanez, The Junkies, Niki Belucci, Butch, Nathan Barato, Dj Dextro, Kerstin Eden, Hollen, Alex Costa, Leo Leal and etc. He has a significant Dj’s experience, performing both in small and big clubs.Sergey Ilyaskin can be heard on the largest radio stations of the planet, such as Pure FM, Proton Radio and others.