- Ray Valentine


The real name of Nagy Raimund Bálint aka Ray Valentine was born in Hungary, in Budapest in 1986.16 years old when he began to be interested in techno music.At the age of 19 now make their own music! techno beats give a softer ears and minimal techno and techno music and make techaus e!First published Freshportmusic Rec ... which occurred after a series of remixes and original invitations!Labels:Define Rec,DSR Digital Records Fiume Beat Rec,Drugstore Records,Techno Mafia Rec,Infernal Poison Publisher Rec. and many more ... !Since 2011 working with a good friend with whom Richard B. unique sounding minimal techno developed special!Remix and original sound requests every day!DJ Ray Valentine also been the location of a number of events was found:Clubs: Coro Caffé, Diesel Club, K2, Heaven, Siofok Beach Party ... and many others ..Have you worked with Robert Noise, Sierra Ruiz, Ploughman , Goldsound, Matula and many more ..Mixing a unique style of minimal techno, techno andtechaus e!Great desire for a 10,000-strong multi-party play!Dj and Producer Remixer