- Hsu


Diego Rivero, is the real name of the man behind the musical project Hsu. Diego began his DJ/Producer career in 2008, driven by his taste for electronic music in their Minimal/Techno and Progressive/House genres. Motivated by his constant contact with the electronic music scene, learn to mix in software like Traktor Scratch and Virtual DJ, and a pair of Pioneer CDJ-200 from a friend. Almost at the same time and very empirically, delves into music production, learning techniques and methods on their own, experimenting with different programs and Vst's like V-Station, HammerHead Rhythm Station, FL Studio and Ableton Live. Worth noting that Diego Rivero has never attended school or music production course. After merging various rhythms, melodies and sounds of various musical styles like minimal, techno, house and progressive, it consolidates a fresh and powerful sound, well-defined bass and very peculiar percussion that define and represent the sound that he likes share.