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 - White Shadows


White Shadows is an underground music act initiated by 2 young and aspiring artists, Jai kishen and Rahul Barolia. The inspiration driving their creative expansion is the passion for music, space, art and evolving technology.With its inception in 2014 White Shadows have a vision for long. Their passion for the underground music and their hard work in the field of production have led them onto some big initial releases on some of the best Minimal Techno labels like DC10 Records(Hungary) and Hungry Koala Records(Melbourne) sharing their sound alongside artists like Mark Dekoda, Min&Mal, Daniel Portman and many more. Their release "Hor Zu" (Techno) was included in the Amsterdam Dance Event compilation by Hungry Koala Records which hit the #1 spot on the minimal top 10 releases.Their performance forte is expressed through sheer live audio and visual experimentation.For an ever lasting road to go their basic moral ground lies in the idea of individual development as artists