- Antonio Plus


Antonio PlusOriginally from Mexico, Tlaxcala Starts as DJ set starting in 2005 with the stage name "Natural Beat", is present in various types of social and cultural events, play in cabin with Scorpion 69, Ameri-k, Klang, Jc Calderon, Alex Dap, among other more, by the end of 2005 comes to a local label called Alfe Recordings, consisted of Alex Dap, Habetrot, Minimo, Johny, Ataraxi, Beat Lax, Sweet Beat, Acid Cherry, Toco cabin with Alex Young, glitter, Forza, Vazik, Haku, Ahautzab, Djane Lexx, Shanka, Vanina Buniak, among other artists, 2011 separates the duo and initiates Antonio Plus concept and as Music Producer and today is signed by Berlin Aufnahmen, Dual Records, Spectro, Drugstore Records, Soundwaves and Yaakun Records label owner ....