- Loggic


Joao Ferreira A.k.a Loggic start young his career on E-MusicWhen he was seventeen years old, just made by his safe alot of work with DJ sets at (2010) always transmitingesctasy too the crowd, with dancing sets, Loggic goes toMain Stream till Underground. He had inspiration influencedby big artists, for example: Louie Cut, Boris Brejcha,Frivolous and others. Started producing his own songs, itwas a big step on his career. With hard work anddetermination, explored areas till be a Music Producer.Loggic its the result of this work on his performaces andproductions. His DJ Set have a lot of groove andMinimalistics elements, and these makes the imagine of hispublic elevate. Searching his influences, Loggic trasmit tothe party, atmosferics sounds, hipnotyc, fat basslines andorganic elements. Loggic already have musics laouched bybig labels, for example of his laounched job: PsychRecordings, 4MRecordings, Bully Beatz and others !soundcloud.com/loggicoficial