- Andrea Falsone


1986 ) Sicilian Dj Producer.At thirteen, he had his first consolle and so he discovered his passion for music.In 2005 he started an interesting collaboration with AFC team, so he could play in "Taitu" and "Marabù" disco clubs ;in 2007 he met Sandro Bertè, Pacha's Artistic Director, who let him play in Pacha's "HOUSE NATION" events as dj gues t.In 2008 he worked with "NEMESI" team and Oliver Alessi , joining Club Ocean (OCEAN DARK) the wellknown Paolo Martini & Gianni Bini’s record label - and producing his first release: "Baudenasca" included in "Club Ocean talent Vol 1" compilation.In 2009 he started "NEMESI EP" project published by "MODEL" label.In the same year he started another important and successful collaboration with Ariel Camusso, producing a rmx: "BOOMBOOTICA" published by "CLOROPHILLA RECORD" label and with Oliver Alessi he started another important project: "SICULIA EP", published by "SUPERSONIK RECORDS".In 2010 he worked again with Ariel Camusso, producing"NO CHANCE" ep, publis hed by " MODEL RECORDS" label and then "REKODO" ep.In 2011,he produced two deep and tech house EPs: "STYLE", published by "SUPERSONIK RECORDS" label and "MASMELOS", published by "AENARIA RECORDS" label. Nowadays Andrea Falsone is searching for new soundsand chances of growing.