- Lonely


Gregory Giannone in "LONELY" art is born after several experiments and musical changes that have divided the various situations that he lived during his life, in a happier side expresses a happy sound, the other side, the dark full of memories do not beautiful, creates a darker sound.It has a double face, which becomes unique only when he puts his hand on a mixer and expresses what he has inside.He spent two years as a resident dj of the Public Club (Bari, southern Italy), who believed in his abilities from an early age, gives him the opportunity to open guest Djs like: MARC HOULE, LEON, ÂME, ROMAN FLÜGEL (and many others), top DJs of the parties UNDER 300, PLACE, SUNSIDE HORMONIKA and in the meantime one of the first releases will be printed on Opilec Music (the label of I-ROBOTS) with 2 super remix one of Eduardo De La Calle dj established now in worldwide and another signed by the Italian duo DOS. After years he arrives to play in 2014 in Barcelona in SONAR_ OFF WEEK and we will return in 2016 again thanks to Gianni Sabato (resident DJ - Guendalina Club) who believes in him since childhood first with his label PLUS BEAT and later with a new label record RADYCAL who will release the first release of a long and new collaboration between them with a remix also international artist Romano Alfieri, in their project have already blocked other exits including a OUT OF MIND (label of the famous German dj PHILIP BADER ) and other relase including a vinyl release.L 'humility and the desire to grow led him to follow his passion for music that in time is becoming a reality.