- Withoutwork


Withoutwork was born on 5 July 1992 in Magenta. He immediately grew in his love for music thanks to his studies in piano, guitar, violin and drums in the conservatory. Born previously as a DJ having garrisoned consoles throughout Italy as Cocorico, Code Club, Amnesia, Hollywood, De-Sade, Bolgia and Prince to name a few playing under the name of Magi. The latter after playing minimal in 2008/2013 understood to feel inspired by the tech-house genre that still produces great labels such as Cream Music, Ride, Happy Techno, NoisyNeighbours, Frequency Berlin and in addition to Pure Enjoyment now he also focused on darker labels such as Worms, Blackboard Recordings, Shaman and Highpressure as Fluid and certainly over time many and many more...