- Alex Wellmann


Alex Wellmann is one of those artists that you would think has been around for years, the sheer amount of professional quality and content in his productions exhibit a well-educated understanding of the process as well as bags of artistic creativity. Alex's resume already includes names like Roush Label, Mr Nice Guy Records, Clarisse Records, NoExcuse and many more; labels that in their own right are benchmarks for artists on a global scale. His productions are quickly gaining him regular support from his ever-growing list of peers with artists like Hector Couto, Jesse Perez, Yaya, Wade, Stefano Noferini, Guille Plasencia & Black Girl / White Girl being just some of his frequent advocators. He is also making an increasing amount of noise away from the studio too, with bookings inside and outside of his native Tenerife. Alex is just one of several groundbreaking artists to come out of the Canary Islands region in recent years, and they all seem to have had a significant impact on the shaping of modern tech house music. With such an increasing amount of attention warming under his feet, Alex is an artist for the future, and no doubt a name that you will want to remember for the coming months and years if his recent work is anything to act on.