- Max Kernmayer


When Max gets behind the decks you are in for a high energy ride. Sub-heavy rolling basslines and jackin’ drums dene his signature pumpin’ sound. You will always see Max dancing with a smile on his face while he is playing cuz he is really enjoying sharing the music he loves with the ravers on the dancefloor. As a DJ Max already rocked all the good clubs in his hometown Vienna such as Das Werk, Grelle Forelle, Pratersauna, Sass and many more. He also made appearances lately at Lighthouse Festival (Croatia), Rotunde Bochum and the EuroPride Parade. Max is also part of the hausgemacht crew, who are organizing some of the best partys in Vienna. But playing only other peoples music was never enough for Max, so he decided to start producing his own tunes in 2014. Today Max has a steady release schedule, releasing his originals and remixes regularly with labels such as Daylight Robbery Records (UK), Eight0Eight Records (UK), OVRDOSE Records (NL), Dened Music (ESP), White Widow Records (PL) and a lot more. Nowadays you will hear a lot of his own productions in Max’s sets as he describes it as „such a great feeling to play the stuff you’ve been working on for a long time in the studio in the club and dance together with the people on the dancefloor“.