- Nando Rodrigu3z


Nando Rodrigu3z origin of Saucedilla - Cáceres Spain began its musical journey from the 14 years playing in several clubs and experiencing the life of a dj. As time progressed, so did his career as a DJ. In 2017 he was the promoter of a small project "Sau4 Festival" where his goal was to increase the culture of electronic music in his area. His reputation from there began to grow his image as a DJ, taking him to play in the best clubs and festival in your community, receiving offers to be a resident DJ, he did not want to be a resident DJ he wanted to dedicate himself to exclusive concerts and production. Nando in a short space of time has accumulated an enterprising career with much work. His main styles are House and Tech House with Groove rhythms and always trying to give the best of him to the public, to impress the attendees to the club. His only goal is to live one day of music, which he loves.