- Cuevas (ES)


Cuevas, was born in a Cordoba city in southern Spain in Andalusia,
The domain in a domain where they listened to guitars, children singing to the beat of a amenco drawer...
From an early age he was passionate about music, not only electronica, but any song that had a harmony and rhythm
With more than eight years in the Industry, Cuevas is best described as a creative and driven artist who continuously advances and grows with his fans, sound, brand and aliationaliations in creating his own sound "Caves".
His passion for electronic music has evolved over the years into a successful career in which he plays globally, being part of the artist catalog of "All About Music". 
Today it is signed on labels known as son Be One Records, Low Groove, Habitat, Remind Recordings, Harvibal, music from 1994, Psicodelica, etc. 
Cuevas' music continues to take into account and you can only expect it to follow by following the goals you set yourself doing what you love. 
Its style loaded with sounds break, funk, hip-hop, soul, jazz, acid, house, techno and tech - house and sinse of its amenco forget- by-be, which one once knows how to surprise with mixtures that one hides in "shock" is characterized by vocal percussions and sounds either. 
When it comes to making a set he is very aware of the audience that is ahead of the best of his person and energy, since this guy connects 100% with his audience we reach the maximum level.