- Skyhell


Brian Gomez: Born in Argentina in the province of Chaco, Resistencia city. From very small always liked the music, their parents all the time listening music of the 80's and 90's, thanks to them always liked music. In 2004 he went to live in another city, called Villa Angela. After a while a guy knows that today is his best friend and brother, along with the discovered his passion for electronic music at 15 years old, every day, after school was spending time alone listening to electronic music, the best DJs on the planet and each time feel more passion for music, when he discovered his talent for music, by blending. Passing one years, he asks his father to buy him DJ console, a couple of months, that dream becomes a reality and began to practice long hours, mix in different places doing what he likes. At 16 years of age he discovered his other passion produce electronic music. Also with much practice everything becomes magni.