- DJahir Miranda


Disc-Jokey & Producer, now known more for his role as producer. With styles like Tech House, Techno House & Tribal House. In spite of his youth had the opportunity to share work with international artists.Some of them are: Pomodoro, Roguez Tony, Tony Lenz, Toni Carrillo, Am Alvaro, Alvaro R, Diego Medina, Fran Guzman, Javier Herrero, TecHouzer, Joan Roca, among other highlights.Also Featured in International Productions by Great SealsSome of them are: Soulfreak Records, Morumbi Recordings, Komunale Music, Apsides Records, Unusual Records Suite Music, Huambo Records, Black Turtle, Green Kiwi Records, Solguz Records, Confusion Records, Beautifun Records, among others.In their first steps as a producer, has already Tops number 1 selling & Beatport WOH In Achieving accommodated in the taste of people. As its Facet Disc-Jokey is noted for his House & Tribal Rhythms. Proud of himself hopes to be among the best with the support of all of you.