- Jose Ogalla


José Ogalla, Dj and producer, born in Valencia, Spain.He began his professional career at the beginning of the 90s, with an unstoppable trajectory. His musical style goes through all his house derivatives (Funky / Groove / Jackin' House, House, Tech House).His sessions are nourished by the most innovative sounds.It is declared a passionate of the melodies in the music of dance.Knowing how to be and his excellent reputation led him to be hired by the best clubs and discotheque in Valencia such as: Giorgio et Enrico, Indiana, Guru, Apache (La Roca) etc ... and also part of the Spanish geography, Joy "(Madrid)," Kónga "(Ibiza) etc ..., making music recordings such as Brenda Rusell's hit song" Get Here "remix," The Dreams Come True" with her partner Tony Beat, 2004. In 2010 He was hired by the record label Pacha Recordings , With his work and with one of the great vocalists of the international house panorama, Andrea Love, "In The Rhythm". In 2013 she works with vocalist Shaina Jones, "Now the we're together". LiveLife Records. In 2016 he launches his work with the record label "Blanco y Negro", Feeling You, with the vocalist; M Terrel, from Chicago. New work “All Day” M Terrel 2017. Sheeva Records, (Miami). For this next 2018 is preparing a lot of projects among which is the new song "After Now" by Ron Carroll.This seductive DJ, with that exquisite essence that characterizes it has made us remember and enjoy, getting to be in the mouth of many people, and continues to develop his career, being faithful to his audience and style thanks to his fun sessions.It has been consolidated in the hearts of many fans, having the great privilege of having shared a cabin with some of the most prestigious Djs and producers in the world, including:Erick Morillo, David Guetta, Harry Cho-Cho Romero, Wally Lopez, Hector Romero, etc ..., his years of experience endorse his quality as a professional.www.joseogalla.com